About Liv Cafe N Wellness

Liv Wellness N Cafe is a premier Michigan medical marijuana dispensary and health center. We are located in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan in a very inviting, discrete, and secured building at 603 E. William St . We offer medical marijuana and better health products, all for the purpose enabling people to live happier and healthier lives.

Unlike other wellness centers and dispensaries, Liv takes a natural approach to treating your medical needs. Our menu offers a range of medical marijuana and CBD products, along with other alternative healing methods to promote a happier and healthier life.

The Liv Cafe N Wellness Experience

When you visit Liv we promise to make it an experience for you. We are dedicated to offering a safe and inviting environment to serve our patients and promote good health and happiness. Our location provides easy access to safe, healthy, medicinal and non-medicinal products and services. ALL of our products are thoroughly tested for impurities and contaminants. You can trust that you’re going to be getting safe and top medical-grade quality products from us.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are more than happy to spend time with you to discuss and help you select the best product for your health needs. We will go above and beyond to help answer any questions and to make sure you are leaving satisfied.

If you are new to medical marijuana, do not worry we are here to help. We can provide you with all of the information you’ll need to understand the process and how it works.

What Liv Cafe N Wellness Offers

We have over 20 cannabis strain options, including a large Sativa selection, pre-rolls in our medical marijuana product line. We offer a large variety of CBD products, ranging from flower, concentrates, patches, topical ointments, vapors, edibles and tinctures.

We also offer All new patients and members a free gift for signing up and visiting. Plus, refer a friend and also receive a free gift.

Oxygen Bar

At Café Liv Oxygen Bar, breathing goes from habit to a source of healing. Visitors breathe in 90%–95% pure oxygen, which can help assuage hangovers, jet lag, fatigue, or a wandering mind. Select  from more than 10 aromas. It’s also a pleasant activity best enjoyed alongside friends, who probably would be breathing anyway.

10 MIN – $5.00

20 MIN $10.00

30 MIN $15.00

45 MIN $25.00

60 MIN $35.00